Reconstruction Launch RunPeriod-2019-11 ver01 batch12 (NERSC-multi)

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First Group

Launch Summary  
             RunPeriod: 2019-11
           Launch type: recon
               Version: 01
                 batch: 12-NERSC-multi
              WORKFLOW: recon_2019-11_ver01_batch12-NERSC-multi
    Origin of run list: RCDB 73152-73192 (query="@is_dirc_production and @status_approved")
        Number of runs: 29
       Number of files: 7308 (maximum 1000 files/run)
         Min. file no.: 0
         Max. file no.: 999
                   QOS: regular
    Time limit per job: 12:00:00
      JANA config file: /launch/jana_recon_nersc.config
         NERSC project: m3120
         Shifter image: docker:markito3/gluex_docker_devel
   halld_recon version: halld_recon/halld_recon-4.19.0 (from CVMFS)
      launch directory: /global/project/projectdirs/m3120/launch (at NERSC)
      Output directory: /lustre/expphy/volatile/halld/offsite_prod/RunPeriod-2019-11/recon/ver01

WORKFLOW: recon_2019-11_ver01_batch12-NERSC-multi
Number of runs: 29  (only good runs)
7308/7308 total files submitted  (0 files missing from mss)
29/29 total jobs submitted
7308 directories created for output